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March 2021 Student Milestones

We had a busy month with lots of completions! Congratulations to all of our students!


Flight Tests and Ratings

Private Pilot License

  • Kareem Elfar

  • Brad Pace

  • Chris Brown

Commercial Pilot License

  • Greg Bolso

  • Tyler Thomson

  • Renee Vervaat

Multi-Engine Rating

  • Richard Biazon

  • Warren Peterson

  • Dustin Whyte

  • Brian Ho

  • Tyler Coppaway

  • Eric St. Germain

  • Phil Sherlock

Instrument Rating

  • Natalie Gillis

  • Krish Venky

  • Tetsuya Payne

Instructor Rating (Class IV)

  • Stephen Clarke

Night Rating

  • Maleezha Colaco

  • Bo Zhang

  • Greg Bolso

  • Monica Nuestro

  • Samantha King

Happy flying!


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