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Founded in 1999 SATC quickly became the certified vocational institute of choice for all flying enthusiasts in the Calgary area.  We set about to create an opportunity for like minded thinkers to pursue their aviation dreams. Today, we continue to build on our students’ success through a commitment to improving and updating the resources available to them.

SATC is more than just a flight school. Our passion for aviation drives us to share that passion with our students, providing them with an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. We provide safe, professional flight training in an enthusiastic and fun learning environment.




Our scheduling department will help you optimize your schedule to assist in learning and life balance, all the while keeping you accountable to a reasonable completion date.


Our sister company Cavalier Aviation ensures that the SATC fleet is maintained to the highest standard so that all you need to worry about is learning! To minimize disruption, all maintenance is scheduled strategically, keeping downtime to a minimum.


There are many systems in place behind the scenes to maximize efficiency. We own our own fuel tank and two fuel trucks, which go a long way in reducing turnaround times between flights and ensuring our students are in the air as much as possible.


SATC is a licensed vocational school approved by Alberta Learning, that is committed to achieving and maintaining a high standard of flight training. This vocational license allows students holding a private pilot’s license to apply for government funding to help them cover the cost of training for their commercial pilot’s license. We are also certified to issue tuition tax credit receipts, allowing our students to claim tuition expenses on income tax returns.





Proven Reliability.

The Cessna 172 is the most popular training aircraft in the world. Its stable and forgiving design makes it an ideal platform for flight training. Our 9 C172s are a combination of N and P models. 



Further, Faster.

Our Cessna 182 is a perfect transition aircraft from the smaller C172 to the larger PA34 and beyond. In addition, it comes loaded with features. The 230HP engine takes you where you want to go, with a balance of speed and efficiency. Inside, the aircraft features a Garmin G1000 glass cockpit and autopilot, making this aircraft ideal for Instrument training.



Two times the engines, Two times the fun!

The Piper Seneca is a fantastic platform for multi-engine training. Its two turbocharged engines give you more than enough power for all training missions, and Aspen EFIS avionics make IFR training a breeze.



Rates do not include GST and are subject to change


Cessna 172 - $187/hr Wet


Cessna 182 - $260/hr Wet


Piper PA34 - $390/hr Wet


Redbird FMX - $85/hr


Alsim AL200 - $125/hr

Basic Instructor (PPL/CPL) - $65/hr

Advanced Instructor (Multi/IFR/Instructor) - $70/hr



Learn from the best


Generations of pilots have chosen Cessna Pilot Centers because we offer the very best in flight training. We share your passion, and want to help you achieve your goals. Our fleet of instructional single-engine aircraft was specifically designed to take you from student to pilot, from the ground to the sky.

The Cessna Flight Training System produces well-trained pilots via our Cessna Sport/Private Pilot Course. Our scenario-based interactive instruction programs work cooperatively with your actual flight experience, allowing you to prepare for your next training flight before you even take off.

Did you know that CPC students who train with us earn their wings about 30 percent faster than the national average? We will get you where you want to go faster and safer than any other flight instruction program out there.

Man Preparing to Fly a Plane

Since 2006, Angel Flight Alberta volunteers have been providing no-cost flights to rural Albertans needing to get to and from medical appointments. Appointments are already stressful without worrying about travel, time off work, family logistics, and most common; expenses. By transporting patients to and from their appointments, often the same day, they enable patients to receive vital non-emergent medical care, that might otherwise be inaccessible due to financial, geographic, or medical limitations.

Springbank Air Training College is pleased to partner with Angel Flight Alberta by providing no-cost initial and annual checkouts to volunteer pilots in their own aircraft. Volunteers must come with the pilot assessment form completed. 

If you are an AFA pilot looking for a checkout, please contact our admin team and we will get you set up with one of our experienced instructors.