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Beyond Flight Training

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Looking to put your license to use? We are pleased to offer our Cessna 172 fleet and G1000 equipped Cessna 182T for rent. If you are not a current student and are looking to get checked out to rent with us, please click the link below to get started!

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Go on a discovery flight with one of our instructors to get a feel for what it's like to be a student pilot!


If you aren't 100% sure about whether flight training is right for you,  a 1 hour discovery flight is the perfect way to dip your toes in the water. Once out of controlled airspace, your instructor will walk you through some basic maneuvers and let you try your hand at flying one of our Cessna 172 aircraft! Available for prospective pilots age 16 or older. 

Services: Discovery Flights


If you want to see Southern Alberta the right way, look no further than SATC. 

Sightseeing flights are a fantastic way to experience flight in a fun, memorable way. Flights are completely customizable; whether you want to see Downtown Calgary, Banff National Park or just fly around the foothills, we can make it happen. These flights make excellent gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and the like, and will surely leave a memory that lasts a lifetime. 


You and up to two others will be flown by one of our experienced instructors. Time flies when you are having fun, so bookings can be made for as long as you want! 

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We run in-person ground schools for PPL, CPL and Instrument Ratings every few months. Keep an eye on our blog for information on when the next ground school will be offered. 

Alternatively, students are encouraged to enroll in an online self-study ground school. Click the links below to check out the online ground schools offered by and Hangaaar.

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SATC offers on-site simulator training using an ALSIM AL-200 and a Redbird FMX. They are advanced flight simulators that allows our students to test, improve and perfect their skills in a cost-effective manner that is unaffected by poor weather conditions.

Both are Level 2 Flight Training Devices, suitable for IFR training, including IPCs!

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Students are able to take the following written exams at SATC:

  • Pre-solo (PSTAR),

  • Radio Operator (ROC-A),

  • Recreational Pilot Permit (RPPAE),

  • Private Pilot License (PPAER),

  • Glider Pilot License (GLIDE),

  • Balloon Pilot License, and

  • Ultra-Light Pilot Permit (ULTRA).

Exams are taken in a private exam room, and can be written Monday to Friday at either 0900 or 1300. To arrange for an exam, please contact us at least three days in advance. We ask that you include your name, phone number, medical number, and which exam you wish to write.

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In need of an IPC? Not to worry! SATC is able to facilitate IPCs on either of our simulators. Our knowledgeable staff will help ensure you are ready for your ride in advance, so you are set up for success.

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The SATC fleet is maintained by our sister organization, Cavalier Aviation. For more information on maintenance, please visit their website.

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