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May/June 2023 Student Milestones

Summer flying us upon us! Our students have been enjoying the warm weather and have achieved a number of flying milestones over the past two months. Congratulations to all!


First Solo

  • Griffin Flegel

  • Scott Jessiman

  • Connor Anderson

  • Jameson Blasken

  • Disha Patel

  • Joel de Guzman

  • Charley Rebusora

  • Reyert Aquino

  • Austin Woods

Flight Tests and Ratings

Private Pilot License

  • Bruin Walliser

  • Logan Sherry

  • Scott Kerr-Smith

  • Ruwaneth Hennayake

  • Brian Howarth

Commercial Pilot License

  • Ethan Nagel

  • Michael Carter

  • Tyler Brownbridge

  • Stephen Yun

  • Alexandra Lampard

Multi-Engine Rating

  • Gregory Brost

  • Jose Guevara

  • Jamie Thirkell

  • Lori MacKay

  • Brandon Fong

Instrument Rating

  • Lucas Thoburn

  • Robert Seccombe

  • Jose Guevara

  • John Servos

Instructor Rating (Class IV)

  • Liam Deegan

Congratulations again, Enjoy the summer and happy stampeding!

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