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July and August 2021 Student Milestones

It was a long, hot and smoky summer, but we still got a lot done! Congratulations to those students who achieved flying milestones over the past two months


First Solo

  • Godly Mabel

  • Paul Galecki

  • Valerie Cosh

  • Pierce Marlin

  • Samir Yegan

  • Tyler Normandeau

  • Jaskaran Singh

Flight Tests and Ratings

Private Pilot License

  • Saif Rayan Charanek

Commercial Pilot License

  • Samantha King

  • Mclean Lynch

  • Milot Shehu

  • Nicholas Perry

Multi-Engine Rating

  • Hoang Ngo

Multi-Instrument Rating

  • Warren Peterson

  • Richard Biazon

  • Bulent Gurel

  • Miguel Sandoval Salamanca

  • Evan Bierbach

Instructor Rating (Class II)

  • Lyndsay Williams

Instructor Rating (Class IV)

  • Alex McLeod

  • Jennifer Mayson

  • Ong Yao Zhun

Congratulations again, here's to a productive autumn!

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