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Winter Operations

Brr, its getting cold out there! As the temperatures drop, it's time we think about winter flying, and the considerations that come with it.


Dress for the weather. Even if you're just doing a circuit flight, you don't want to be caught out without proper gear. Warm gloves, a toque, warm footwear and snow pants should all be onboard the aircraft when the temperatures dictate. Just a reminder- Failure to have the proper winter gear with you may result in cancellations.


Winter Fronts are recommended to be installed when temperatures are below -7 degrees Celsius. If the decision is made for them to be installed, don't forget to include them in your weight and balance calculations.


Lastly, be aware of frost and icing! The Clean Aircraft Concept dictates that we cannot takeoff with any contamination of our critical surfaces. Savvy students may remember from ground school that frost the thickness of sandpaper can reduce lift by 30% and increase drag by 40%! If you notice frost on your airplane, point it out to your instructor so the aircraft can be brought into the hangar and de-frosted.


Stay warm out there, and happy flying!


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