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COVID-19 Update: July 6, 2021

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Hello SATC students, renters and staff. Thank you for your continued support in ensuring the safety of SATC staff and customers. We would like to update you all on SATC's policies and procedures in regard to COVID-19. As of July 6th 2021, these will be the SATC policies moving forward:

  • Masks are required in Aircraft, Simulators, briefing rooms and at all times when social distancing of 2 meters cannot be established/maintained.

  • Masks are recommended in all other SATC Facilities where 2 meter social distancing can be maintained.

  • Rental/CPL Time Building flights will still be restricted to 1 passenger and the passengers will not be permitted into SATC facilities for any reason.

  • If a headset is required for a Rental/CPL Time Building flight, please ensure you are noting this in your booking request to admin - if you do not request a headset ahead of time, there may not be a sanitized headset available for your booking.

  • Sanitizing and wiping down of aircraft is suggested as we will continue to stock the wipes and sanitizer.

  • Signing in/out at the front office is no longer required, however the Pre-Flight Briefing Cards will remain at the front office for pick up prior to your flights, regardless of which hangar you are scheduled at.

We appreciate everything you all are doing for the health and safety of our team & others. We hope that as things are updated, more vaccines are administered and cases continue to drop that we can also revamp our procedures and resume a more normal operation in time.

Happy Flying,


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