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July 2022 Student Milestones

The temperatures are hot, and our students are on fire! Not literally, of course, but they have been celebrating plenty of flying milestones this past month.


First Solo

  • Eiki Fuchikami

  • Maru Nam

  • Aldon Dsouza

  • Umaima Faisal

  • Torin McCartney

  • Ruwaneth Hennayake

Flight Tests and Ratings

Private Pilot License

  • Jaimie Cugnet

  • Andrew Tillotson

  • Carter Black

Commercial Pilot License

  • Jose Guevara

  • Kelly Kerr

  • John Servos

  • Luke Mahura

Multi-Engine Rating

  • John Boccabella

  • Milot Shehu

Instrument Rating

  • Joshua Newton

  • Luca Sirianni

  • Greg Bolso


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