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August 2022 Student Milestones

Congratulations to all of those students who achieved flying milestones this past month!

Lots of changes have taken place and will be taking place in the next little bit. Not the least of which includes Ryan Toole taking over as CFI from Norm Rooke. Thank you Norm for all of the work you did as CFI, and best of luck to Ryan in your new role!


First Solo

  • Gurinder Dhillon

  • Shubhneet Singh

Flight Tests and Ratings

Private Pilot License

  • Camilla Faehndrich

  • Pierce Marlin

  • Johnathan Kruzick

  • Subhash Sah

  • Laura McMorran

  • Jaskaran Singh

Commercial Pilot License

  • Joshua Newton

  • Nikita Butenko

Multi-Engine Rating

  • Morgan McKenzie

  • Ben Lang

Instrument Rating

  • John Boccabella

  • Ben Lang

Instructor Rating (Class II)

  • Ryan Toole

Congratulations again!

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